Poetic License believe in breaking traditions and being bold. It’s what keeps us thirsty and moves us forward. And it’s why we believe in our booze and our craft.

When it comes to our handmade spirits, expect the unfamiliar. Additions here and omissions there have transformed the original you know so well, into something with much more character. All we ask is that you lift up your wild spirit and listen to your inner poet. If you can’t write it then live it, and drink it down. It’s how we’ve got to where we are today.

Our flavours are how we express ourselves. We break the rules to find a tastier way. We believe in bucking the trend and being bold, and it’s why we believe in our booze and our craft. Our home is set against the rugged North East coastline and uniquely designed around Gracie, our 500-litre copper pot still, which lets us produce on a small batch, artisan scale. It’s here we create our unforgettable flavours so you can enjoy our drinks with difference in mind.