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Halo Nesting Bowl Set


Supplier profile: Denby Pottery

The Halo 4-piece Nesting Bowl Set is a striking and functional set of 4 nesting bowls from Denby's Halo range.

Ideal for informal gatherings as well as special occasions. The option to stack by them being designed to beautifully nest inside each other makes for an impressive display and ease of storage.

Also great as: individual pieces to use on their own for nibbles and dips.

Halo is an expertly hand-crafted range and every piece varies slightly due to the unique ‘reaction’ of the glazes. Each piece is a work of art and this is the beauty of Halo. The set can be safely used in:

  • Dishwasher - whilst Denby tableware is safe to use in a dishwasher, constant dishwashing may result in discolouration of product over time. We recommend using low temperatures and liquid detergents
  • Oven & Microwave - for cooking and reheating food. Please note: Using microwaves as a means of warming empty dinnerware can cause damage to both your dinnerware and microwave and is therefore not recommended
  • Freezer - for storing food.



1x Extra Large Nesting Bowl, Length: 24cm, Width: 24cm, Depth: 5.5cm, Capacity 1.5ltr.

1x Large Nesting Bowl, Length: 20.5cm, Width: 20.5cm, Depth:4.5cm, Capacity 0.9ltr.

1x Medium Nesting Bowl, Length: 17cm, Width: 17cm, Depth: 3.5cm, Capacity 0.44ltr.

1x Small Nesting Bowl, Length: 13.5cm, Width: 13.5cm, Depth: 2.5cm, Capacity: 0.15ltr.


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