Pam & Andy made the move to Exmoor over 13 years ago from Berkshire, seeking a new way of life and the South West Countryside was most appealing. After spending many hours driving and looking at properties they eventually settled on a property just outside the village of Timberscombe in Exmoor National Park. Little Oak Farm is a 30 acre site on the top of a hill with spectacular views of Exmoor. Pam with a long career in finance & Andy a truck driver in the music Touring Industry for nearly 30 years, the idea of keeping pigs was far from their minds years ago. They decided about 7 years ago to start keeping pigs for their own use, they took a while to decide on which breed, eventually deciding on the Middle White Pig because of its looks and the fact how rare the breed is and they had heard how good the meat is. After tasting the first pork from their first processed pig they knew they had an excellent pig producing an amazing pork.

The first pork was given to family and friends and a small niche market grew for the pork. Back in Feb 2015 a local Chef/hotelier in Porlock asked if he could try some of the farm’s pork loin for his Sunday Lunch menu. His feedback and his customers comments to the pork was just so good. This just confirmed what everybody else was saying about Middle White Pork, they then started to supply other local hotels, tea rooms and restaurants around Exmoor. The meat comes from the farms own breeding stock and the next phase was to increase the breeding herd of Pedigree Middle White pigs, the couple are also very keen to help preserve the blood lines of the Middle White Pig.

At present they have 6 different blood lines on the farm. The move to start selling at farmers markets came next and they now sell at markets every weekend in various locations around the South West. The big expansion for the business came in 2018 when they decided to move all their pork processing onto the farm. The investment was the construction of a purpose built on farm butchery which enabled them to carry out all cutting and packing on the farm. This gives the customer the benefit of having 100% traceability of the meat they buy from Little Oak. The farms butcher Albert has been a butcher for over 40 years and loves working with the Middle White Pork. Now with the advent of more people buying meat online the business is still growing with their Middle White Pork be shipped all over the UK from North Scotland to Cornwall. There is still room for growth and the promoting of Middle White Pork which Pam & Andy believe is just about the best Pork you can get.