Give It Some Beans was formed in November 2017 by Husband and Wife Team - Sean & Jo Arnoup with our love for coffee being our main passion and driver into our journey. We started experimenting with roasting small batch coffee(s) from home, and we found the results to be amazing. After a fashion and a whole lot of coffee drinking, we decided to take the plunge and purchase our very own commercial coffee roaster and equipment and increase the operation! With further research, and a whole lot more head scratching and light bulb moments, we perfected coffee roasting on commercial scale, and the Give It Some Beans journey began...

Once we decided to jump on- board and take our journey further, bigger head scratching moments began. First of all, what we going to call ourselves? Give It Some Beans. Give It Some Beans in a nutshell explains what we do as a business. As a consequence, Give It Some Beans was now up to the challenge in the coffee world. It is full of beans, coffee beans, so let’s “Give It Some Beans”!

Next on the list would be explaining us as people, and how we measure up to the well-known phrase “Give It Some Beans”, albeit the example used in the Urban Dictionary would have been a little more fitting if coffee was used as the analogy. However, the explanation relates to us as people; we are fully committed and exert full effort into every task we undertake, but more importantly as coffee providers.

Our next biggest passion to coffee, are cars and motor racing.
Visitors have probably identified a link between our company name, coffee names, and the way we have written our workshop manuals etc.

With Give It Some Beans as our business and providing high quality fresh hand roasted coffee, we would like to thank our customers for their important support – our business would not function without you guys!

Finally, we dedicate our business to good friends and family along life's journey; in particular brother Darren & best friend Tyron Jones, who are sadly no longer with us, but both enjoyed and appreciated a damn good cup of COFFEE!