The Brilliant Restaurant is located in old Southall and specialises in North Indian Punjabi cuisine with a Kenyan slant. It boasts a new banqueting suite for up to 180 guests, operates an Outdoor Catering Service for specialist events and also has a School of Cookery run by Co-owner and Celebrity Chef Dipna Anand. The Brilliant Restaurant opened in 1975, although its background represents 150 years of catering expertise. The first Brilliant Restaurant, Hotel and Nightclub opened in Kenya (Nairobi) in the early fifties, by Bishen Dass Anand who was known to be the King of Chefs in Africa. Bishen Dass groomed his sons in the running of the Restaurant business and they worked hard alongside their father to learn the skills of running a successful business. Soon after the loss of their father, the family moved to West London and two of Bishen Dass’s son’s, Gulu and Kewal Anand decided to re-launch The Brilliant Restaurant in London where they were proud to carry on the ‘Brilliant’ name, tradition and recipes. At the heart of the business is devotion to authentic, fresh and superbly prepared food. The Management and staff do everything they can to ensure that those who chose to dine at the restaurant have a ‘Brilliant’ time. That often means doing immensely more than simply cooking. Customers at the Brilliant, are more than just diners, when they come to the restaurant, they become part of the ‘Brilliant’ family. This together with the high standards of food is what keeps guests coming back. The Brilliant is a family run establishment which is now in its third generation. Gulu’s (owner) children, Dipna and Shanker are now the forefront of the business, eagerly brining in new concepts, ideas and innovations. After Brilliant’s success on Channel 4’s ‘Ramsay's Best Restaurant’ series, where the restaurant was voted as one of ‘Ramsay’s Best’ and after being visited by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the popularity of the Brilliant has risen to new heights resulting in greater customer demand.