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Supplier profile: Gareth Ward Ynyshir Restaurant

Voucher’s for Ynyshir, our destination restaurant with rooms. Come and visit our family, let them feed you the best meat and fish in the world. Choose from A5 Hida Wagyu or welsh lamb, eat around 25 different plates and stay over so that you can enjoy our natural wines and favourite gin or rum. Vouchers available in monetary values from £200 upwards. Please check our website here for package prices before purchasing. Please also note we do not offer a vegan or vegetarian menu, if you eat anything and everything this is for you!


Delivery Details: Vouchers can be emailed the same day (if purchased Wednesday-Saturday 9am-5pm) or posted first class within the UK (delivery within 2-3 working days). ***Due to the current lockdown expect a delay in receiving postal vouchers***


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