Udale’s James Martin Selection 2


Supplier profile: Udale Butchers

This selection features our Lake District Rib Eye Steaks that have been perfectly dry aged in our chamber of Himalayan Salt. We also use this to prepare our British Duck, the result is succulent, tender meat that melts in the mouth. Cumbrian Lamb Chumps are a delicious, select cut - both boneless and lean. The selection is finished with Minced and Diced Steak, both highly versatile offering limitless flavour combinations.

This selection is as above, but the Duck has been split with the breasts left on the bone, and the legs supplied separately. This will help you to prepare the perfect dish with less fuss!

• 2 x 220g Salt Aged Rib Eye Steaks

• 1 x Salt Aged Duck Crown with Legs Separate

• 2 x Lamb Chumps

• 500g Minced Steak

• 500g Diced Steak


Product Life

4-5 days



Keep refrigerated. All suitable for home freezing. Ensure chicken is cooked thoroughly before eating.


Delivery Details: Orders ship within 2 to 5 days.


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