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For something rich and warming to tuck into through the winter months, this fiery foursome definitely does the trick. Treat yourself to a mouth tingling kick of chilli and paprika Mangalitsa flavours with our Hot Box selection of both spicy and cooking chorizo, hot pepperoni and our sweet smoky Nduja.


• 1 x unsliced half stick of Beef & Mangalitsa Pepperoni (approx. 170 grams)

• 1 x unsliced half stick of Mangalitsa Spicy Chorizo (approx. 170 grams)

• 1 x Piece of Mangalitsa Nduja (approx. 100 grams)

• 2 x Cooking Chorizo (approx. 300 grams)


Product Life

Keep refrigerated. Use within 1 month.



Keep refrigerated. We advise customers to keep all products refrigerated, especially throughout the summer months. Remove air-dried sliced packets and salami from the refrigerator a little time before you are ready to eat to allow them to come up to room temperature in a cool, dark place for optimum enjoyment.


Nutritional Info (inc allergens)

PORK, BEEF, PORK FAT, SALT, GARLIC, SPICES, PEPPER, SUGAR, WHITE WINE, RED PEPPERS, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite & culture starter.

*All Wheat, Dairy & Gluten Free.


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